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    • BSN-Syntha has 22g densities of 22g protein per every serve.
    • Per every serves 5 gm of precise fibre.
    • A proposition of 10g essential amino acids ( EAA) per serve.
    • It gives 190 calories for every scoop.
    • It contains 13 grams of fat for every serve.


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    • Gives rich and creamy milkshake taste and texture. Encourages muscle protein synthesis and assists regeneration.
    • Promotes healthy and normal digestion and elimination with live biotic and enzymes.
    • Tastes natural and satisfies hunger with RAW Organic Soluble and Insoluble Fibre from testified organic grains, seeds, legumes and fruits.
    • Generates lean muscle mass and helps repair it after exercises.
    • As it is a dense product one doesn’t have to use more than the mentioned quantity every time he/she consumes it.

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  • It mixes with water and milk alike and tastes perfectly good in both the cases.
  • One doesn’t have to take extra care about the storage of the powder as it comes in specially sealed bottles and remains good at the room temperature.
  • Of course, it is not suggestible to replace this powder with the entire meal all the time, still one can go with this powder for the replacement of food as it completely satisfies the appetite and provides the required amino acids, fibres, carbohydrates in the required density.
  • Most importantly it phenomenally reduces the production of cortisol, the root cause of all stress related problems. So throughout the day one can feel high on energy and confidence which everyone craves for.
  • It is available in different flavours ranging from strawberry to orange and these enable everyone to take it without saying ‘no’ and of course it tastes absolutely natural.

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